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We are training and empowering the Christian community to stand for Israel on their campuses, in their communities and spheres of influence. Your sponsorship on any level will help sustain this important work including:

The Israel Experience College Scholarship continue in its vital mission to give tomorrows’ leaders and educated heart for Israel.

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem mobilizing tens of millions of Christians around the world to pray and work for peace. 

The Watchmen on the Wall curriculum providing in-depth training on issues related to, Middle East history, the reality of historic Christian Antisemism, and how to be an articulate ambassador for Israel today. 

The stakes have never been higher in the battle being waged in the classroom, boardroom, or sanctuary nor has the need been greater to combat the anti-Israel bias prevalent in our socety.

We thank you for your generous support. 

All contributions to Eagles' Wings are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  The Board of Director of Eagles' Wings reserves the right to distribute funds as needed. 

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